A tool for creating a world of ideas and hanging them on a tree for multiple people to see. In Ide Træ multiple people can create and explore ideas together, and then leave them for others to find.

Ide Træ enables easy co-ideation and sharing of ideas in a virtual world by taking advantage of non-euclidean geometry (virtual space = infinite space!!). In the virtual reality environment, multiple artists can simultaneously sketch and narrate their elaborate concepts and leave the headset containing these ideas hanging on tree for others to investigate and contribute to. The tool bridges the gap many creative industries face today with work environments being scattered across folders, applications and people. 

The tool was realized under the MIT Reality Hack hackathon in January 2020, and was awarded Top 5 in the “Best of VR” category.
January 2020.

Valdemar M. Danry, Thomas Mohr, Michael Zhang, Ian Ralston, Anna Brewer.

Lead Conceptual Artist, Designer, 3D-artist, sound-artist.

Virtual Reality, Immersive Media, MIT Reality Hack.

Unity, Maya, C#, Illustrator, Spacial Audio, Storytelling Methods.