Schizophrenia is a mental illness that’s inherently challenging to understand, even for doctors and researchers as it consists of alterations in subjective experiences. As the symptoms of the illness is inherently personal and inaccessible to clinicians, those suffering from it struggle to communicate or even recognize their symptoms. 

As research has shown non-psychotic episodes in patients to be indicative of shizophrenia, under Harvard Innovation Labs, we collaborating with leading scientists within the schizophrenia spectrum disorder phenotypes and diagnostics research field to start initial development of “See Like Me”, a Virtual Reality diagnostics tool to mimic patient’s anomalous experience so that it can be identified and treated correctly early on.

TIME: February 2020 - May 2020

AUTHORS: Valdemar M. Danry, Luciano Casamajor, Mateo L. Ferro, Liana Sara, Rebecca Slater

: Schizophrenia, Therapy, Phenomenology, Consciousness, Self-disorders, Virtual Reality.

SKILL: International Collaboration, Venture Incubation, Schizo-affective Disorders, Phenomenology, C#, Unity, Maya3D