Be My Guest: A Dinner Event Hosted by Artificial Intelligence

An artistic performance exploring the socio-cultural implications of living with generative AI systems. Everything in Be My Guest! from the unique tableware and food to the virtual reality spaces are created using generative AI models, with the host of the dinner event also being a generative modelThe performance was planned and designed in conversations with a custom-built AI agent that can generate 3D objects and images that were used for conceptualization and printing the tableware.
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Artistic, Generative AI, Future with AI, Social Robots, AI Agents, Large-Language Models, Toolformers, Vector Database, Text-to-3D, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech.

Vantaa Art Museum, Finland (Oct-Dec 2023).

BOZAR / iMAL, Brussels (Dec 2023).

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Building the AI agent and working with generative AI tools. This includes building the agent using LLMs, implementing a memory vector database, planning behavior, speech-to-text, text-to-speech modules and text-to-3d and image generation tools for the agent to use.